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   You've no-doubt been hearing about the impending possible disaster associated with the dawning of the year 2000. Opinions of what to expect range from total shutdown of all modern technology all the way down to a few minor glitches. Will the power grid, phone system, and Internet blank-out? I doubt it... Will the monetary system crash and burn? I certainly hope not... Will it hurt to take precautions just in case? Not a bit!
   Even if Y2k turns out to be a non-event, preparations made for it will come in handy sooner or later. North Carolina is no stranger to winter ice-storms, tornado clusters, and even hurricanes. If nothing else, Y2k is a good excuse to get ready for a disaster that WILL eventually happen.

   One of the biggest problems you'll have if there is a failure utilities is getting your horses watered. When Hurricane Hugo hit the Charlotte area ten years ago, Anne and I were stuck fishing water out of a lake by bucketfuls to support almost forty horses for nearly two weeks before the power came back on to run the well pump. I wouldn't want to face that task again.
   A generator capable of powering a deep well pump (as well as other appliances) costs only $500-$700 at Home Depot, Lowes, or Southern States.
   How would you water your horses if the power went down and municipal water supplies stopped or were declared unsafe for drinking?

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