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Autumn Equestrian Tips:

Autumn tip:

   Most farms have a machete around for summer brush control. Instead of letting it rust all winter, put it in your hay loft. A machete is easier to find than a small knife for cutting hay strings in the low winter light, and it's easier to handle with gloved hands than a pocketknife!

Autumn tip II:

   Now that we've had a few good freezes, groom those bot-eggs off your horse's coat and make sure the next wormer you use is also a boticide.

Autumn tip III:

   Those funny reindeer antlers are a cute touch on your horse for a holiday ride. But if you're going to ride out in the country, it may not be wise to make your horse resemble venison in any way! No real hunter would make such a mistake, but we do get some trigger happy morons from the city now and then.
   A much safer way to Christmas-up your horse would be to hang sleigh bells on him.

Anne & Spec.
Returning fire almost always convinces would-be hunters that you are NOT a deer.

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