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Start getting ready for next October early by collecting the songs on
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The Tri-Star flick has fizzled and is faded into memory, but the biggest international movie star of all time is still stomping Japan in new flicks!


He's been a household name for decades, and one of the best-known entities in popular culture around the world. Now here's his complete biography and filmography, FAQ, and an analysis of why this character has struck a chord with one generation after another.

Now with GMK and FAQ updates!

I've long been facinated with characters of series fiction like Godzilla. The way they evolve with the times, yet retain the core of who and what they are... As well as the way their creators manage to hold continuity together despite the passage of decades.
Probably the most amazing such fictional reality is the 67 year run of

DC Comics

Another long-running, highly successful fictional reality is that of the Star Trek universe. I'm not a rabbid, fanatical Trekkie, like the ones who can name every episode in every series by title... But I am a fan of the shows going back a long while. And one thing has bothered me since 1979, when the first movie came out.

Solution to the Klingon Forehead Mystery!

Updated to cover 24th Century ridge-head appearances of formerly smooth-headed Klingons from TOS!


A guest essay by from the International Paranormal Institute.

Surprised to see a down to Earth blacksmith who's into pop-culture? Don't be. We all have our guilty pleasures... Kind of like Pro Wrestling. Almost nobody admits to following it, but the two highest rated shows on cable through the 1990s were monday night wrestling shows... And they ran against one-another, SPLITTING the wrestling audience.
So don't try to tell me I'm the only one who can still enjoy the "childish", "silly" aspects of our culture despite a little snow on the roof. We may have to grow old, but we ain't gotta act like it!
The Cartoon Network doesn't run at 3:00 AM for me alone.

Soon I'll prove that, within this big, burley, bearded frame beats the heart of a real nerd...

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