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Millwater Horseshoeing Service

Professional Farrier Service
Therapeutic & Corrective Hoofcare
Uwharrie Hills of North Carolina


Dave and good ol' Sam the Giant.

Dave Millwater, RMF.

   Having been raised in the family horse business in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Dave spent many years pursuing equestrian interests including shoeing, training, stable management, and breeding. After moving to the Charlotte area, he settled down with new wife Anne and began to focus more intensely on horseshoeing in the 1980s, founding Millwater Horseshoeing Service.

      He then began to supplement his fundamental shoeing and horsemanship skills by technical study and traveling to farrier science clinics, conventions, and symposiums across the country, where he was fortunate enough to learn concepts and techniques from many of the cutting-edge experts in the field. Dave has integrated this learning, along with practical experience, into an effective horseshoeing approach.

      He recieved thee national awards from the Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association in the early 1990s, as wll as regional awards from the Southeastern Horseshoers On Education. The Guild of Professional Farriers named a new award for him in 2000, and he was awarded the Burney Chapman Master Farrier Award in 2001. He's served on the Southeastern Horseshoers and Guild of Professional Farriers boards of directors, has been a national officer and Registration Chairman for the Guild, and served on the American Farriers Association Apprenticeship Committee. He's been a member of the S.H.O.E. Farrier Team and chairman of the Guild Continuing Education Committee.

      He has written farriery and horsemanship articles for Equus, Western Horseman, HorsePlay, The Western Horse, Horseworld USA, The Paint Horse Journal, ANVIL Magazine and other publications, and delivered lectures, presentations, and demonstrations for many equine events as well as college classes.

      In 1994 Dave published the first modern farrier science lexicon. An early edition was adapted into the online glossary for the Internet's largest and most popular Farrier and Hoofcare Resource Center, and is used as a reference resource by thousands of equestrian websites. Dave continued to expand and update the Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical Language through 2010. That edition is available from Amazon.

      In 2012 he published Millwater's Farriery: The Illustrated Dictionary of Horseshoeing and Hoofcare. See Millwater Publishing.

      In 1998 Millwater Horseshoeing Service relocated its base of operations to Prophet's Thumb Ranch, the Millwaters' traditonal homestead farm, powered by Percheron and Belgian draft horses. Dave now focuses primarily on therapeutic, corrective, and other special shoeing cases by referral only.

Prices Effective 2015


Basic Trim.....$80.00 ~~~ Pathological Trimming.....$150.00 and up


Basic front.....$200.00 ~~~ Basic All 'Round.....$320.00

Extras (Per pair prices):

Hot Set with Clips.....$70.00 ~~~ Hand Forged, Hot Set with Clips.....$150.00
Heel Shields.....$100~~~ Drill-Tap $70 (aluminum)/$100 (steel)
Aluminum.....$80.00 ~~~ Polyurethane.....$100.00
Speed or Rim Pads.....$50.00 ~~~ Bar Wedge Pads.....$50.00
Thera-Flex Inserts.....$150.00 ~~~ Leather Pads.....$80.00
ShockTamer Pads.....$90.00 ~~~ Aluminum Wedge-Eggbar Shoes.....$120.00
Bar Shoes (Straight or Egg).....$90.00 ~~~ Heartbars.....$170.00
Glue-on Shoes.....$250.00 ~~~ Glue-on Corrective.....$330.00
Foal Glue-on Shoes.....$330.00 ~~~ Borium.....$100.00
Packing.....$20.00 ~~~ CleanTrax.....$120.00

Special Services:

Hoof Reconstruction.....$100 and up ~~~ Emergency Call.....$150.00
Unruly Horse Handling.....$100.00 and up ~~~ Billing Fee.....$20.00

Also Available:

Custom Blacksmithing
Consultation and Farrier Science Presentation Services
Tuff Stuff hoof sealant.....$30.00 ~~~ Vetrap.....$14.00 ~~~ Venice Turpentine.....$24.00

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