Prophet's Thumb Ranch

Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc.
Established 1998.

   Three quarters of an hour's drive and a whole world away from the hustle and congestion of Charlotte lies forty acres of rolling pasture and wooded land known as Prophet's Thumb.  Designed and built from the ground-up by lifelong horsefolk Dave & Anne Millwater, this beautifully isolated farm is a study in practical horsemanship.  Years of thought went into laying out a place that would provide the horses with a healthy, safe environment while being as low-maintenance and rider-friendly as possible.

   Prophet's Thumb is the new headquarters for Millwater Horseshoeing Service and Millwater Publishing, as well as the new home of AQHA Stallion Pure Speculation.  It is also the site of the new Blacksmith Shop.
   The new farm makes it possible for the Millwaters to expand their other equestrian activities, including intensive care and long term rehabilitation cases.

Midpoint of the driveway.

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