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Coltzilla. This is RAJ, the son of the late, great AQHA Stallion I raised from a weanling and a mustang mare. He's a precocious new-born trying to sneak past his momma to come visit with us in this picture. These days he's a gigantic riding horse.

RAJ doesn't have much to do with this page, but hey, I couldn't resist showing him off!
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I am Dave Millwater, Registered Master Farrier. Some of you may have known me as the farrier consultant for HorsePlay Magazine or the author of hoof care related articles in many of the national horseowner magazines. Those of you in North Carolina may know me from my Behind the Anvil column in American Pioneer all-breed equine news..

Those CompuServe users among you might know me from the Horses Forum, where I was the Ask-a-Farrier SysOp for several years... That's right. It's me: ShoerDave

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MILLWATER HORSESHOEING, now based at Prophets Thumb Ranch, between Albemarle and Mt. Pleasant, still in the general area of Charlotte, NC.

For two decades, we've been shoeing riding horses of various types, including Hunters, Dressage, Western, and some flat-shod Gaited Horses in the central Carolina area. We now specialize in therapeutic, corrective, and problem cases. While firmly grounded in fundemental anatomy and farrier science, we go to great lengths to stay up to date with the latest research and technology, thereby improving the level of hoofcare without giving in to dangerous or harmful shoeing fads.

Dave is a Founding Member and former Officer of the national Guild of Professional Farriers, and was one of the first farriers to earn Registered Master Farrier status (the highest valid farrier credential in America), so naturally we provide a full range of horseshoeing services. Hot and cold shoeing, handmades, bar shoes, as well as Slypner, Thera-Flex, and GluStrider technologies.

Millwater Horseshoeing Price and Service List

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MILLWATER PUBLISHING released the Pocket Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical Language in early 1994, and followed up with the New Dictionary of Farrier Terms... in late 1995. Now in its 2006-2007 edition, The New Dictionary... is a handy paperback containing hundreds of terms used in the profession, illustrations, diagrams, word etymologies, and pronunciation guides.

The New Dictionary... can be ordered directly from the Millwater Publishing online store at MillwaterPublishing.com.

Distributors, retailers, and clubs can email: Farrier@cetlink.net for volume discounts.

Millwater Publishing also produced the Farrier's Open Forum and Idea Exchange in conjunction with S.H.O.E., and the Central Carolina Equestrian Quarterly. Both are on-line through the link below.

More about the Dictionary and a whole line of
products for the farrier and horseowner.

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