Long, long ago, in a theater far, far away...
Campy G
"Hey, man! The buttered popcorn is for eatin'. Throw the cheap stuff!"
"Where the... Damn! Yo, Hoss. You got a light?"
"Whacha' askin' him for, Man. You know he don't smoke."
"I know... But he's always got a lighter or some matches anyway."
"Never know when I'll wanna set somethin' ablaze. He're ya' go Mike."
"Jeez! They could at least hide the zipper on that suit a little better!"
"Whoa! Why'd his eyebrows change color?"
"Stock footage from 'Mothra'..."
"HA! Is that Godzilla or the freakin' Cookie Monster?"
"Hey Mike, is that bookbag what I think it is?"
"You know it, big man! Wan't one?"
"If they're still halfway cool, sure."
"Yowza. Is it just me, or do they always have hot chicks in these flicks?"
"You think anything with a pulse is hot. But in this case you're right. She is a fox."
"At least she has an actual role. Ever notice how many foxes are in these movies for no real reason?"
"Bet the Toho guys just know how to get the best use out of a casting couch!"
"Hey man! Keep that can down or the usher'll bust us."
"Don't worry Eddie. If he comes over here Hoss'll straighten him out!"
"Don't reckon I'll hafta do that. I think Leo is working today."
"Nuke him! Nuke him! NUKE HIM! Sheesh. What's the point of having atomic breath if you don't use it!"
"Oh, he will. Gotta make it sporting first. I mean, if Godzilla just showed up and immediatedly cooked the bad guys down to nothin', the movie would last maybe five minutes!"

   That's the Godzilla experience I grew up with. Goofy, camp-comedy flicks best enjoyed in an otherwise empty theater with a few of my fellow juvenile delinquents.
   I was really confused when I first saw King Kong vs Godzilla on TV, because I didn't know that Godzilla had ever really been a bad guy. Then I saw the original Godzilla, and was amazed that Godzilla had been around long enough to have been in a black and white film with such a young Ironside!
   Then the age of the VCR came along, and I was able to fill myself in on the evolution and history of this old favorite.

Godzilla's Life Story.

Biography and filmography
with plotlines, reviews, and technical notes.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How big is Godzilla? Godzilla versus the Bobbysoxer? Godzuki?
All manner of Godzilla questions answered here!

What makes Godzilla tick.

The sociological aspects of a cultural icon.

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