Farrier's Caduceus.

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The Illustrated Dictionary of Horseshoeing and Hoofcare

Encyclopedic Reference for Students, Professionals, and Horseowners.

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          Cover.        Everything you always wanted to know about farriery, but were afraid to ask!

       This is an information-dense, well-illustrated volume which employs extensive cross-referencing to efficiently cover topics from the basics that everyone working with horses should know on up to advanced concepts in modern hoofcare. Designed for the free-form, individual study that is naturally common in farriery.

       The general focus of Millwater's Farriery is practical hoofcare to maintain and restore soundness. It does not deal extensively with contest forging and shoeing, nor is it intended to provide in-depth instruction on the business-end of running a horseshoeing service. It does feature article-length entries on hoof balance, trimming technique, basic shoe forging, cold fitting keg shoes, practical horseshoe modifications, drawing and setting clips, shoe application, and managing various lameness and gait problems with applied farriery.

       Horseowners will find instruction on how to cleanly remove loose shoes... And put them back on well enough to keep their horses in service until the farrier can get to them. Also articles on how to properly hold horses for shoeing, and the fundamentals needed to understand and effectively participate in one of the most essential aspects of their horses' care.

       This book is the culmination of our lexicon project, which started eighteen years ago with The Pocket Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical Language, and evolved through eight editions of The New Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical Language. Millwater's Farriery makes the leap to an encyclopedic dictionary, with triple the content of the last New Dictionary.

       Includes expanded appendices, an extensive Historical Reference section, and updated resource guide.

       Written by farrier and horseman, Dave Millwater.

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About the
Farrier's Caduceus
seen on the Dictionary
and featured
on Millwater Products...

      The single-snake caduceus, actually the Staff of Asklepios (Aesculapius), Greek god of medicine, has been the traditional symbol of healers since ancient times. The snake represents renewal because of the fact that he periodically sheds his skin and emerges like 'brand new'. It seemed an appropriate symbol to apply to the art and science of preserving and restoring soundness in horses, and was incorporated into the cover design for our very first Dictionary.
      The Farrier's Caduceus has the snake coiled around an oversized horseshoe nail. At the top of the nail is a winged horseshoe, based on the Cavalry emblem for a farrier. The image is framed with a horseshoe, which is positioned right-side up from the farrier's point of view.

Farriery isn't just nailing on shoes.
It's a Healing Art.


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