Behind the Shop...

This is the section of cyberspace where I get to drop the diplomatic nonesense and speak my mind. After all, this is my cyberspace. If you don't like it, send me your opposing view and maybe I'll post it here as rebuttal. If you get mad about something I post here, feel free to punch me in the nose at my next public appearance (listed on my farrier pages)...
But you might wanna pay up your Blue Cross and wear old clothes.

On Farrier Licensing.

Overview of the History of Farriery.

Should You Become a Farrier?

How to Go Full-Time as a Farrier.

Farrier Politics. (About the Guild)

The Strasser Barefoot Horse Cult and
the Whole "Natural" Horsemanship Brand of Snake Oil.

Responses on the Strasser Cult article,
And my replies to them.

Pet Peeves.

Farrier FAQ.

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