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  Welcome to our cyberspace blacksmith shop. We specialize in traditional blacksmithing using 19th Century techniques and tools... Coal-fire, hammer, anvil, and vise. You'll find a sample of our work available for purchase here on-line. Contact us by email if you have any questions or comments.
  If you came here looking for information on horseshoeing, check the "Links" page. But look around this site first. There are some things that might interest horseowners right here.

Horseshoe Works.

Where do old horseshoes go when they "die"?
They get reincarnated as useful hardware or novelty items.

Regular Works.

Attractively priced standard items that we may have in stock,
or which can be produced on short order.

Special Works.

Custom-made, one of a kind items that can be forged to your specifications.

About Smithing.

A brief glossary of blacksmithing terms.

Ordering Information.

How to get the good stuff.



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